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I noticed my name/address/phone # is wrong after I signed upUpdated 7 months ago

You can sign into your BattlBox account and access this by pressing the the My profile on the top right side of your screen.  Once in this area; you will scroll down to the subscription addresses section to update your shipping address for your active subscription order.  Store Address is to update the address on file for any a la carte shop item purchases that are bought via the website and are not an active subscription. 

After this a second "Edit my subscription" pop up will occur; From here you then click on the “Edit Shipping Address” button. You will be able to change all the details of your address as needed. Once you are done be sure to press the “Update shipping address” button in the bottom right hand corner of this screen to finalize all changes. Please be aware that shipping and billing addresses are changed in separate and unique areas, updating one will not update both.

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