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General Questions

Basics and General questions of what Battlbox is!

When can I expect to start receiving my BattlBox after I have subscribed?

When you first subscribe, your first subscription box will ship within 10 business days. This shipment was in essence sent early. Therefore the next bill cycle will occur the following month on the 15th, and your subscription order will fulfill on th

Do you have an Affiliate program?

Yes we do!. We have affiliate programs through both Shareasale and AvantLink. We give both options in case you already have an account with one of t

What do I do about a damaged or non-working product?

If you received a damaged item, straight out of the box, we will send a replacement or something of similar value, within a 15 day period of your receipt of your BattlBox. After 15 days items cannot be replaced. Electronics and other similar items, m

What is Battlbox?

Great question! BattlBox is a subscription service that provides a great variation of camping, survival, EDC, and all around epic outdoor gear. In 2019 we are initiating a new approach to box design. We are calling it New Year, New Gear. Many of our

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately because we purchase our products based on paid subscribers, we cannot give refunds.. You can, of course cancel; whenever you like, but if you cancel after the billing period (15th of the month), then you will receive one more BattlBox s

I just ordered my first BattlBox, what Mission will I receive first?

All new subscribers are will have a choice at check out. Once check out occurs you will be re-directed to another screen that will have box choices as well as order details. Below is an example of what this will look like. Please note these may not b

What is Battlbucks?

Great question!  Battlbucks the rewards system for all active Battlbox subscribers and customers. As a rewards member, you’ll get closer to earning exclusive rewards every time you shop. Do points ever expire? Your points will expire after one year o

How do I send a single box as a gift?

If you would like to only send one box to someone as a gift, just sign-up, using THEIR shipping information), and once you receive the confirmation email that you have subscribed, you can log back in and cancel your subscription. You must do this bef

How To Access Your Battlbox Account

If you are a first time subscriber, the email used at the time of registration will automatically create an account for you within the Battlbox system. This will then email you with the prompt to "Access your Battlbox Account" this will prompt you t

Is the Picture of Subscription Tiers the contents that I will receive?

No! These are purely thumbnails that showcase each level! Within each picture are past items that have come in different boxes! Please do feel free to check out the Whats in the Box section to see examples of mission contents. Please feel free to em

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